Remember when you were a kid and you got new shoes every year before school started?

Who went running in the rain this morning? That’s right, I did. I actually enjoyed it much better than earlier this week – the weather was in the 50s, so it was cool but not cold by any means, and it wasn’t as if it was pouring or anything. I kept my iPod up my sweatshirt sleeve so it stayed safe and I could listen to Kelly Clarkson (today’s running music of choice – you try slowing down while listening to “Since U Been Gone”). The only bad thing about running in the rain is that I finally have to face the fact that my tennis shoes have given up the ghost. They got water in the front of them from where the sole is pulled away from the rest of the shoe. By the time I got back home, I was sloshing around. It was not raining hard enough for me to be sloshing around.

To be honest, I think I got these tennis shoes when I was a freshman in college. That would have been Christmas of 1997. Maybe it was Christmas of 1998, I’m not sure. I know I had them in college, and I’ve been out of college for four-and-a-half years. I remember in my jogging class that I learned that you’re only supposed to run a certain number of miles before you get new shoes. I hate, though, having to spend money on tennis shoes. They’re so expensive, and I can’t wear them to work. And, the truth is, I hate exercising, so why would I want to spend money on shoes made especially for that? If I have to buy shoes, I want them to be cute shoes. Tennis shoes aren’t cute. However, these shoes are quite possibly older than my relationship with Mike, so I think I’m going to need to let them go. They have lasted through many different styles of jeans, through rain and snow and sun. I wore them in Canada and in Florida, on IV retreats, in my aforementioned jogging class, through grad school, and to the grocery store. They’re the ones I pull out when it’s raining, my go-to shoes for a Saturday afternoon. They look appalling at this point, they’re probably out of style (I haven’t shopped for tennis shoes, so I’m not really sure) and I’m sure they don’t give me the support I need, but . . . I like to stick with the comfortable, known quantity. My New Balance (are New Balance even popular anymore? Maybe I can get some for cheap, because these obviously lasted for a long time) are worn in to my specifications, and I like them.

In thinking about all the places I’ve worn them, I realized that the only shoes I’ve had as long as my tennis shoes are my Birkenstocks, and I had them resoled. It’s probably a sign that I need to move on. I guess I’d better start looking for tennis shoe sales.

(When I was a kid, one year my aunt bought me pink Reeboks. Remember those? Maybe I could find some of those.)

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