Luke Danes is a big stupidhead, but everything is going to be all right nonetheless

Today marks the start of a new section on my blog. Since we can’t watch Gilmore Girls together, and because she needs me to talk her down from the ledge that the Luke and Lorelai storyline has her on these days, my friend Theresa has asked me to post encouraging thoughts about the latest episode each week. Until the wedding. Which is going to happen. You can find these entries under the category “For Theresa.” (I promised her that’s what it would be called.) Today’s entry discusses the episode “Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting.”

I would like to reiterate that the first part of this season was about Lorelai learning how to let Luke into her problems with Rory, and this second half of the season is obviously Luke learning the same lesson with his own daughter. And he is going to learn it, don’t worry. What’s so interesting is that, yeah, Luke has always kind of compartmentalized his life, but after he and Lorelai started dating, he was pretty open with her, until this April nonsense. But Lorelai has always been the queen of compartmentalization, not letting the guys she dates into her life with the town, not letting Luke into her relationship with Rory, keeping her parents out of as much of her life as possible. And now she’s really grown, and the tables have turned. Luke’s the one who’s struggling with compartmentalizing.

Here are the reasons that this episode proved to me that they are going to be fine.

1. Despite the fact that Luke is being a big stupidhead (and I love him more than any sane person should, but he’s still being a stupidhead), he kind of seemed to know he had messed up in that very first scene. He tried to hug her, and it got all awkward, which I think is pretty normal. Even then, she was saying things that were indicating they’d be together 100 years from now. Meaning, they are going to be together.

2. That “New and Improved Lorelai” stuff from the season premiere? That’s no joke. The Lorelai who was standing in front of Sookie at the flower market is a different person than the person who ran away from Max. She is in this relationship. And, really, do you doubt Luke’s affection for Lorelai? He’s being a big stupidhead, but he still loves her. They are going to be fine.

3. The wedding isn’t actually postponed. Now, sure, Luke’s going to find out about that and get mad, but he’ll cool off and understand that postponing the wedding was more upsetting to her than he’d realized. Again I say – there will be a wedding. They will be fine.

4. Luke was talking to Lorelai about April. That is a good sign! I get that she feels like she’s already offered to help, so she doesn’t want to be too pushy, but he’s being a big stupidhead, so she may need to actually say that she wants to be involved. Luke is going to figure this stuff out one way or another and (say it with me) they are going to be fine.

As much as I hate the Long Lost Daughter storyline, I think we have passed the point where we have to worry that they are going to break up. Now we’re just watching them learn how to really be together. And so, I swear, they are going to be okay.

Other than that, the Friday Night Dinner was amazing, my cold dead heart warmed to Logan just a little bit (if he was always like that I wouldn’t hate him, but he was so mean to Jess! I can’t forget that), and I loved Rory taking charge at the paper. Oh, and Sookie is the worst friend in the world. “What did you do?” Booo, Sookie.

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