Monthly Archives: February 2006

Regarding Don’t Know Much About Mythology by Kenneth Davis 4

I finished it. There was a point at which I thought I never would, and there was a point at which I thought I never could. But I finished, and now I know lots more than I ever thought I would about mythology. It was interesting, if not exactly my thing. But I have reasons […]

A pocketful of mumbles. 2

I have Mike’s socks on today, because all my black socks were in the wash. I’m not above wearing socks more than once, but mine were literally in the wash – I put a load in before we went to bed last night, so all my black socks were wet. I should have planned a […]

A woman seldom writes her mind, but in her postscript. 9

Dear ladies who might see me on their caller ID from Friday afternoon around 2:30 EST, So, my friend who is having a baby said they needed diapers. I don’t know anything about diapers. I went to the diaper aisle at Target and there are all these numbers! What do they mean? How do I […]

Why I’m still married. 6

I’ve been reading a book called Why I’m Still Married, which is full of essays women have written about marriage. In almost every one, I can find something that I relate to, something that echoes my own relationship. It reminds me of how universal our struggles are, that people have been there before, and their […]

Driving rain chauffeurs me to redemption 2

On the way to church last night, I left the music off and left the phone in my purse. I had a couple of things on my mind, something that had been bugging me all day, and I needed to give myself some space to think about it, to wonder why I’ve been carrying so […]

Thy kingdom come 5

Yesterday instead of Sunday School, there was a speaker talking about The Lord’s Prayer to all the Sunday School classes. He spoke several different times over the weekend, going through the whole prayer, but yesterday’s class was on, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” To get us […]

Lazy Sunday. 17

Though yesterday was a “snow” day, for some reason or other, Mike and I didn’t watch Pride and Prejudice, our usual tradition. I blame the Olympics. The good news is that I’ve been watching it today (and reading), and Mr. Darcy is currently paused on my television set (Mike: “Did you do that on purpose?” […]

I’m not the new me. 4

I don’t like change. Especially change for the sake of change. I don’t mind good, necessary change if you give me time to adjust, but you have to give me time. Probably more time than the average person, and then I’ll probably go kind of crazy, and then after that I’ll be fine. That’s usually […]

Meet Luke Danes, my ex-television-boyfriend 5

Discussion of the Gilmore Girls episode “A Vineyard Valentine” below. Beware, those of you who haven’t seen it. This means you, Dawn. hehe. I have to confess that I was not a big fan of this week’s episode. Mike watched it on Tuesday night, but I didn’t get to watch it until last night. He […]

Damp pants. 7

I’ve noticed that I have to be careful to screw the lid on my Nalgene tight, or else it leaks. I’ve noticed it, but it didn’t register this morning, when I didn’t screw it quite tight enough. Almost a quarter of the bottle dumped all over the contents of my tote bag as I was […]

Diary of a crazed fangirl. 9

The first Olympics that Mike and I experienced together were the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. I heard that they didn’t have very good ratings, but Mike and I watched them faithfully all the same. While I will watch any Olympic event, the Summer Olympics don’t capture my heart like the Winter Games do. I […]

Full of nothing. 4

I went outside this afternoon to run. As I was running, I actually saw snowflakes falling. They were the kind of snowflakes that evaporate before they hit the ground, but I was still running while snowflakes were falling. And I decided that we should get a treadmill, because running in the snow is ridiculous. I […]

What a pain in the neck: Mike edition 10

There must be something going around, because this morning, Mike rolled over and pulled something awful in his neck. He did the usual, “No, I don’t want any Advil. No, I don’t want a heating pad,” until he realized that he always shoots down my ideas, and the ideas of heat and pain relievers are […]

There ought to have been a law against driving while you were in tears. 1

I’ve just read The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble, and, even though it’s about four women who became friends in college and their friendship over the next fourteen years, it hasn’t inspired the usual feelings of melancholy that I get when reading about female friendships. I think that’s because the relationships are so much more […]

A snapshot from my drive to work. 6

NPR: Currently there’s light snow in Jefferson. KARI: I wish we had some light snow. GOD: Okay. *snows* My car said it was 34 outside, and I know it’s not going to come to anything, but it sure was fun to see it coming down. Yay snow!

The 1991 test. 5

The other day, my mom and I were talking about how things changed around these parts after 1991. Before 1991, it was rare to see a Duke fan. People cared about State and Carolina, and there was some support for Wake, but the Duke fans were very outnumbered. And then came 1991, when Duke won […]

Keep away from me, you pen-stealer! 18

The way I remember it, I was buying grad school supplies and grabbed a pack of Bic Atlantis pens for no reason at all. Just because they were there, or they were on sale. I honestly don’t put a lot of thought into pen-buying. Or, well, I didn’t used to put a lot of thought […]

Nitwit juice at Friday Night Dinner is a very good sign. 5

Well, I know I did such a good job last week of convincing you all that Luke and Lorelai are going to be fine that today’s post is barely necessary, but a promise is a promise. By the way, I went back and watched last week’s promo after the end of this week’s episode (as […]

Faith my eyes 6

When I was reading some articles about Millions to help Mike write questions for the discussion, I ran across a few that said that the writer, Frank Cottrell Boyce, was influenced by an interview in which Martin Scorsese said that a book that had inspired him was Six O’Clock Saints by Joan Windham. During one […]

No SuperBowl halftime show for you! 18

Yesterday at the Male Bakeoff we decided that any presidential candidate who ran on a platform of making the day after the SuperBowl a national holiday would win handily. Why hasn’t someone done this yet? I would vote for that person. You know you would, too. Last night’s SuperBowl party was fun, even though the […]