The glory of heaven

During the sermon, I think our pastor said something that included the phrase “the glory of heaven.” Maybe I’m imagining that he said it, because that’s actually a phrase I’ve been pondering a bit lately, as it comes up a lot in our Advent book. One of the angels tells Elisabet that wildflowers are “a part of the glory of heaven that has spilled down to earth.” I love that phrase and that idea, and this morning I was thinking about some other things I’d classify in that same way – little pieces of the glory of heaven here on earth.

In some ways, my answers would be very similar to the things I found impressive just over a year ago. Childbirth and forgiveness, love and courage. I think, though, that those tend to be my go-to answers for that question, at least in recent years. Similarly, I think I talk a lot about seeing God in things like having tea with my friends as we laugh and cry and share life together. I try to focus on the little things, because I think that’s often what’s really important.

Life has been busy lately, so the glory of heaven has seemed elusive of late. I’d say I’ve sensed its presence driving late at night, listening to music while looking at the stars. I’ve noticed it when snuggling under the flannel sheets for just a little longer in the mornings. It seems close when Mike and I spend time with friends eating good food and having good conversation. The promise of new babies, a wonderful novel, hearing the laughter of someone you love – those things that seem too wonderful to end with this world – all of that must be bits of the glory of heaven that has spilled down to earth.

I have long been an advocate of finding glory in the mundane tasks of life, even when I personally forget to do so. This afternoon a difficult relationship has got me feeling down, but instead of focusing on it, I’m going to go downstairs and watch some football, eat some turkey (Mike made a turkey today!), sit with my husband in our big chair under a pink wool blanket, and read. Surely that kind of quality time is exactly the sort of glory of heaven I need today.

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