It’s this red cup and that brown chair.

I had Friday off, because I had to work Saturday, so between cookies and scrapbooking time with Melissa and Emily and Jason and Alisa’s party (which all happened on Friday), it seemed like I almost got a four-day weekend. I haven’t seen any accounts of Jason and Alisa’s party yet, but I am sure someone will make a report, so I’ll just say that watching Mike worship to “Your Body is a Wonderland” was one of the highlights of my weekend for sure. We took the camera, but got no pictures, sadly enough. I think Jason took some. I am sure Alisa will make sure we see them.

Saturday night I rode with Susan to Dawn’s birthday party, where Susan, Alisa, and I behaved very badly (at least that’s what Mike thinks, but he wasn’t there, so what does he know?) as Jason watched on in amusement. Or maybe he sides with Mike, and that was really horror and disgust. Either way, good times were had by us. Except all those “Draw Four” cards Susan and Alisa kept playing on me. Hey, speaking of Uno, Mike says that he used to play with rules that you could stack Draw Two or Draw Four cards. Like, if Alisa had played a Draw Two on me and I had a Draw Two in my hand, then I could have played that and made Susan draw four. But if she had a Draw Two (or a Draw Four), she could have played that. He said it meant people could, at times, draw a lot of cards. I checked Wikipedia and saw it listed under Killer Uno as “Cumulative Draw Cards,” but I have never played it like that. However, reading the rules online made me realize that the “infinite draw” rule is just a variation. I like it better, though. Susan and I had our usual fun time being together. I am glad she’s back in the state. Too bad she’s moving away (I bet I can find a song about that).

Silly faces

Dawn\'s party

Sunday afternoon was a lot of football and a lot of tension as we watched the Panthers beat the Bears. It took about two hours for my stomach to unclench after the game. I don’t know why I was so stressed out – maybe because, after watching the Panthers/Cowboys game on Christmas Eve, my distrust of the team has reached new and unprecedented levels. Seriously. While watching the game, I also made some cookie dough, which helped relieve my stress, and which I took yesterday to Mike’s sister’s house to make cookies with the niece and nephew. We mixed up another batch there, cut them out, baked them, and decorated them. I took our red hat and made everyone take turns wearing it.

Fun with Aunt Kari

In this particular picture, Mike’s nephew is holding a blue bear. He made it blue in honor of the Panthers beating the Bears on Sunday. hehe. (Also, I think that Panthers jersey might be the only shirt he wears these days.)

Notice the blue bear

And this one is just too cute not to use.


It was nice to get to spend non-holiday time with the kids. The past couple of years, since I started working full-time, I haven’t been able to go and visit during the day. If we only see them on holidays, it’s more busy and stressful. Baking cookies was fun. We only had seasonal cookie cutters, though, so there were Christmas trees, turkeys, hearts, bunnies . . . something for every season. I might need some more normal cookie cutters.

After leaving them, I went and had cokes (not coffee) with Sarah, which really meant that we had cokes and a chocolate croissant, visited Ann Taylor Loft (someone give me a giftcard, please, because those shirts on sale were so cute and only $15), and got frightened by the self checkout in Lowe’s Foods. All in all, a nice weekend with lots of time spent with friends and family. Mike and I capped off the evening by watching the Golden Globes (well, I was watching it, but he was downstairs trying to get reading done. I kept making him come upstairs and see particularly funny speeches, though, so I was more of a hindrance than a help).

This week is back to work as usual. I guess, since I feel like I had a four-day weekend, that’s not so bad after all.

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