Christmas bakeoff 2006

KARI: *hangs up phone* GAH!

MIKE: What?

KARI: You know how I baked five different kinds of cookies, two kinds of bread, and one kind of muffin for Christmas presents?

MIKE: Yes.

KARI: You know what recipe people want?


KARI: The cookies you made.

MIKE: The chocolate ones?

KARI: You made one kind of cookie, and that’s the recipe everyone wants.


KARI: Don’t “oh” me.

MIKE: I’m sorry?

KARI: This is why I don’t cook. You always win.

MIKE: It’s not a competition.

KARI: Sure, you can say that, winner.

MIKE: I didn’t even like those cookies. They weren’t sweet enough.

KARI: That does not help!

MIKE: What are you doing?

KARI: Going online to get recipes!

MIKE: Are you baking today?

KARI: No! These are for next year!

MIKE: Next year?

KARI: I am going to beat you next year!

MIKE: We’ve been watching too much Friends. You sound like Monica.

KARI: You are going down! Look at this recipe! Sugar cookies made with cream cheese!

MIKE: Sounds tasty?

KARI: And this one! Pinwheel cookies with orange and chocolate filling! People love orange and chocolate! Like those oranges made from chocolate! They were all the rage!

MIKE: Actually, I think the evidence points to people just liking chocolate.

KARI: *gasps in horror*


KARI: You should just stop talking.

MIKE: I’m just saying. Maybe you should just use my recipe next year.

KARI: Next year, we’re having a Christmas bakeoff!

MIKE: Fine by me!

KARI: We are watching too much Friends. Because you just sounded like Chandler.

MIKE: It was intentional.

KARI: Oh. Well, you’re going down! I have all year to find recipes with which to beat you. People will be begging for my recipes!

MIKE: Bring it! I don’t need to research all year. Apparently all I need to do is find a recipe at the last minute and throw it together. It worked this year!

KARI: AH! Didn’t I say you need to stop talking?

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