Almost liking Almost Famous

Last weekend, for the first time, I watched Almost Famous. Checked it out from the library and watched it on VHS, even.

And I was disappointed.

I mean, it was fine, I didn’t hate it or anything, but I had heard so many great things about it that I was expecting to like it more than I did. I liked Patrick Fugit, I thought he was very good, but the movie didn’t do anything for me. From the way people talk about it, I thought it was going to move me more than it did. I was just getting frustrated by the end – “Let him get his freaking interview, so this can be over with!” And the way it ended, well, of course Russell called Rolling Stone. I mean, what else was he going to do? The movie had to end that way. Kate Hudson . . . I like her okay, but mostly I don’t. And I didn’t like Penny Lane at all. Except at the very end, when she did the right thing.

Maybe a lot of my indifference has to do with the fact that I have no desire to hang out with a bunch of rockstars and tour with them. I like my ordered, boring existence, at least compared to the alternative. I like having time to myself. I like my house, and reading, and things being quiet. And I like music, but I’m no buff, so I don’t have any connection to the passion that the characters felt about music. When I was a big Caedmon’s fan, it was about knowing all the facts behind the lyrics as much as the songs themselves. I couldn’t relate to most of it, to be honest. I couldn’t relate to the being on tour part or the music part, I didn’t like the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere, and I kept wondering how long they were in the bus and if they ever got to stop and take showers in between the hotels they stayed at.

I actually think Mike would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did, because of the guys I know who liked it so much. There were definitely scenes that I thought were good, and at least I can cross it off my “to get around to seeing eventually” list.

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