One cannot fix one’s eyes on the commonest natural production without finding food for a rambling fancy.

My family has never been big on Christmas baking (at least that I remember), but the combined influence of Kelly and my Kitchenaid mixer make it hard for me to claim that it’s not easy to make things from scratch, so last night I did a round of Christmas baking. We are planning on giving baked goods as many of our Christmas presents, so I did sugar cookies in the shape of stars, candycanes, snowmen, trees, and stockings. Then I made four small loaves of banana bread. After all of it cooled, I put it in the freezer to have ready when needed. All in all, not a bad couple of hours of work.

Normally when I bake cookies, I do it with Kelly, so I made Mike come down and study with me so that I wouldn’t be alone (even though I couldn’t talk to him while he was studying). He has a presentation and a final today, so he did not help at all (except with the eating). My next plan is to bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and probably to make some chocolate chip cookies. I also need to make cream cheese cookies. It’s nice to feel like I’m prepared, especially since I have done pretty much no shopping at all.

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