Most of all, we are thankful for sweet potatoes.

MIKE: So, what are we having tomorrow?

KARI: Grandma’s making turkey, dressing, butterbeans, corn, and bread. Patricia’s bringing mashed potatoes, Nancy is making strawberry cake, I’m bringing green bean casserole and pumpkin pie, and mom’s bringing salad and maybe some other bread.

MIKE: Hee. Salad. Salad is easy, why didn’t we pick salad?

KARI: I don’t know. Maybe she’s bringing that yucky seven-layer salad. That’s not easy to make, I don’t think.


KARI: But it has peas. It’s yucky.

MIKE: I don’t care about the peas. It’s so wonderful. Does your mom know you hate her salad?

KARI: Yes. I have been complaining about that salad for many years. She is well aware of my feelings. That’s why she brings it to large family gatherings instead of having it on birthdays.

MIKE: Is your grandma making sweet potato casserole? Like she did a few weeks ago?

KARI: I don’t think so.

MIKE: Is there going to be sweet potato casserole?

KARI: Actually, I’m not sure.


KARI: You get really worked up about holiday food.

MIKE: I can’t have Thanksgiving without sweet potato casserole.

KARI: Sure you can, I do it every year. Sweet potatoes are yucky.

MIKE: Woman, who is bringing sweet potato casserole?

KARI: Well, I’m not sure if anyone is.

MIKE: Your mom needs to can the seven-layer salad and bring sweet potato casserole.

KARI: I thought you loved that salad.

MIKE: . . .

KARI: I will go upstairs and check the email . . . Good news, Debbie is bringing that and a pistachio jello thing. I like how we plan Thanksgiving over email now. My family is so modern.

MIKE: Thanksgiving is saved!

KARI: You are very inflexible when it comes to holidays.

MIKE: Is this where I play the guilt trip card that we’re spending both holidays with your family and also it’s been . . . seven years since I saw my parents at Thanksgiving? Because I will. I deserve sweet potatoes.

KARI: I know you do.

MIKE: Your grandma’s sweet potatoes are really good.

KARI: I know they are.

MIKE: With the brown sugar stuff on top . . .

KARI: You do know this holiday is about being thankful and spending time with friends and family, not just the food, right?

MIKE: I am very thankful for sweet potatoes. And to Debbie for bringing them.

KARI: Be sure and tell her that tomorrow.

MIKE: If I do, do you think she’ll make some just for me next year?

KARI: *sigh*

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