Daily Archives: 11/15/2005

Things are happening – big things, wow things! 3

So, I’d heard that the recent success of Pride and Prejudice in the UK has meant that Andrew Davies (who adapted Pride and Prejudice for the 1995 miniseries) was commissioned to adapt Sense and Sensibility (into a miniseries, I believe), which made me very happy. But now there’s even bigger news! S&S is not our […]

What should I have said, for example, to the bottom-dweller who recently belittled my existence? 4

I spend so much of my day focused on words: email, ordering books, reading, even blogging. And I am usually very aware of what I am feeling and why, usually able to articulate it to those closest to me. But lately I have felt that I am completely at a loss, especially in one situation […]