I’m still alive.

Before my wisdom tooth surgery this week, a lot of people said, “Have you been storing up, because you are going to lose weight when you can’t eat!” I am here to tell you that that is just a myth. I spent one full day throwing up everything I ate (thank you, evil antibiotic) and I still weigh more than what I did on Monday morning. Now, perhaps that’s because I have been eating different kinds of things than usual (more pasta and potatoes) and not exercising like usual, but, seriously. I don’t want to obsess about weight, but when you are already feeling gross and disgusting because you are swollen and can barely open your mouth and have no feeling on your chin or lower lip, because you don’t feel like reading and barely have the attention span for a sitcom, the last thing you need is to feel bloaty as well. Especially with the holidays coming up. (By the way, November? Really?) This happened to me when I had mono, too – I threw up a ton of times and ended up gaining weight during mono. Who gains weight while they have mono?! Nobody but me.

Today is the first day I have felt even remotely human since getting my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. This morning I was in more pain than I had been all week, but the painkillers have helped yet again, and I actually managed to put in my contacts. I might even put on a little makeup. If I’m feeling really crazy, I might fix my hair. But if I did that, Mike might not recognize me, so I don’t want to have too much change at once.

When I was in the recovery room, I kept coming in and out of consciousness, and I would think of things that would be good blog entries. I do that normally anyway, jotting down things so I’ll remember them. I wish I’d had a pen to jot down the things that seemed like good ideas in my drug-induced state, because they were probably insane. I bet they were awesome. Apparently, I asked my aunt three times how her book was. I have no idea if I said anything inappropriate to the doctor, but he did compliment my yellow shoes. They’re my lucky shoes, you see, so I wore them to the surgery hoping they would help me out. I think the verdict is still out on whether they worked or not.

I’ve watched a ton of Gilmore Girls, most of Pride and Prejudice, part of Millions, and slept through most of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Mike brought me a smoothie and a milkshake, I’ve had lots of soup and my favorite comfort food (that I never eat anymore): macaroni and tomatoes. It hasn’t been that bad overall.

I’m going to go try to do a little bit of laundry and then maybe take another nap. But I wanted to reassure everyone that I’m alive and . . . if not kicking, then hobbling, at least.

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