The Wonder Spot and my weekend plans

Last night I finished The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank, who is also the author of The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing. I liked both of them, but I liked The Wonder Spot better, because I could relate to the character a little more. I don’t think the book explicitly said that she was shy and insecure, but I could relate to the hesitation, the uncertainty that she felt, the way that even her longest closest friendships seemed to be somewhat distant at times, the way she seemed unable to say what she felt the deepest. So the book was good, but it was also uncomfortable and exhausting for me to read, because I could recognize so many of my own failings in the main character.

Lately I’ve felt kind of hermit-y, partly because of some of the above feelings, partly because of some of the things I talked about on Wednesday. Not knowing what to do can be pretty paralyzing, and it’s hard to know what to say to your friends when you’re hurting but you feel like you’ve been over it before, when you feel like you should already know what to do, when all you want to do is tell them you’re sorry that you’re still talking about this. This weekend we’re going to see Scott and Kelly for a weekend of baking and snacking and walking the loop and relaxing (and the boys will probably play a game or two of Halo . . . just a hunch). Being with them always helps me sort out some of my thoughts, and I hope that just getting away will help get me out of this rut. It’s also my last weekend o’ fun before I get my wisdom teeth out, so I’m going to eat lots of crunchy things while I still can. This week has been busy to prepare for going out of town and being out of work next week, but I guess Scott and Kelly are worth it. hehe.

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