Is pushing through the pain supposed to be this itchy?

Sometimes I think I might be allergic to exercise. I mean, here I am, trying to be healthy, trying to walk (or run a little bit) around my neighborhood a few times a week. And how am I rewarded? By breaking out in a rash. When I exercise, I very often get itchy on my legs, especially on my thighs. It happens more when I wear shorts, and I had been thinking that wearing warmup pants to walk had solved the problem, but this morning I was walking/running while wearing my warmup pants and on the way back to the house I started itching like crazy. I ran the whole way home so I could jump in the shower and scald my legs with hot hot water (which actually took the edge off). It’s discouraging to think that big red welts (seriously, my legs look awful) are my reward for trying to take care of my body.

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