You light up my life. In ten minutes.

This is a variation on a conversation that is often heard in our house. Let’s just say we have differing ideas about why one might turn on a lamp.

KARI: You know, the lightbulbs in our house seem to be good ones. We haven’t had to change many of them, and we’ve lived here a year and a half.

MIKE: One’s going to blow up right now. Exploding all over you.

KARI: Yes, I’ve jinxed it now, but you know what I’m saying.

MIKE: Yeah, and it’s a good thing for you that none of them have gone out. Because one day all the lights in our house will be fluorescent, energy saving bulbs.

KARI: I hate waiting ten minutes to be able to see. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a lamp?

MIKE: We’re saving so much energy!

KARI: I hate having to turn on a lamp and then wait in the other room.

MIKE: It’s so good for our power bill!

KARI: I don’t turn on a lamp because I want light in ten minutes. Lamps are about instant gratification.

MIKE: I remember when I worked in Danville, and I put fluorescent lights in the staff room and everybody got mad at me.

KARI: I can’t imagine why they’d be mad.

MIKE: Me, either. Just go in and turn on the light an hour before you want to take your break, and everything should be fine.

KARI: An hour? Gosh, sounds like you’ll save lots of energy that way.

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