For as long as we both shall live

KARI: When you get home, you will see that I wrapped your present and put it on the dresser* with the following note: “If you peek, I will cry. And I will never give you another present for as long as we both shall live.”

MIKE: For as long as we both shall live? Are you sure?

KARI: Yes.

MIKE: Now, peeking, okay, but what about touching or shaking?

KARI: For as long as we both shall live.

MIKE: I’ll take that as a no. Couldn’t you at least have put it under the birthday tree?

KARI: Wal-Mart was fresh out of birthday trees. I’ll try to plan better next year, so we can listen to birthday carols and put out the birthday stockings.


KARI: *sigh*

*I understand temptation! I do! I had Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sitting on my desk on July 12 (non Harry-readers: it didn’t come out until July 16)! Did I give in? No I did not. And I think Mike can wait until tomorrow morning.

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