Moments without proper names

I came across a photography book in the catalog called Moments Without Proper Names, and I loved the phrase so much that I took note of it, wondering if I could use it somewhere. I can see how it works better for pictures than for what I tend to do here, but it got me thinking that most of my life isn’t a Christmas-card type moment, even if there are things about it I’d like to remember. So here, in no particular order, are three moments without proper names.

On Friday night, Mike went to see Coldplay, and I had planned to scrapbook with my friend Melissa. We ended up going over to our friend Emily’s house to watch some season 3 Gilmore Girls and scrapbook. And drink coffee and eat biscotti. You know, usual girl things. While they were getting the coffee ready, my phone rang, and when I picked it up, I heard the sounds of “Yellow” coming through the phone. Mike knew that I wanted to hear it, and he called me. I sat down in Emily’s rocking chair, a big smile on my face, until the song got too fuzzy to listen to anymore.

On Sunday morning, Mike’s cold took over, and he was feeling terrible, so we stayed home from church. I got him medicine and made tea and heated up some soup and then got back in bed with him to read. We were reading and chatting, and I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I do remember looking from my book to him and feeling both concerned about his cold and happy to be lounging around with him.

This morning, my alarm went off and Mike, who usually isn’t ready to talk first thing in the morning, started telling me some things about an issue we’re facing. This was kind of amazing because he’s not a morning person or a confrontation person, so I could see how he was going out of his way to communicate with me in the way that’s easiest for me. Am I kind of stressed about the stuff we talked about? Yeah. But the hug he gave me before I got up sure did help.

None of that is huge, earth-shattering stuff that would make a great story. They aren’t picture-worthy moments that would go in our scrapbook. It’s just a bit of our life for the past few days.

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