Marshmallows and crisco

I forgot an important event from over the weekend. Remember how I said that we made s’mores the other day by toasting marshmallows on fondue forks over the side burner of our grill? I realized on Friday that Mike didn’t know how to heat marshmallows in the microwave. So of course I had to show him. It mostly consisted of me standing beside the microwave laughing uncontrollably as I watched the marshmallow get bigger and bigger. He was a little frightened by how much it made me laugh, I think. If I had a list of my favorite things, putting marshmallows in the microwave would be on the list for sure. Just thinking about it makes me giggle. And the way Mike said, “Woah,” as it suddenly tripled in size right before our eyes. hehe.

This morning my mom diagnosed that the problem with my cobbler was in fact that the shortening was too old. I guess I will try again, using butter. Because shortening is kind of gross anyway. Also: Betty? I apologize for calling you a homewrecker. Crisco, though, has some ‘splaining to do.

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