A weekend with Mike and Kari

On Saturday, we went to a wedding of a former employee of Mike’s.

USHER: Bride or groom?

KARI: Um, bride, I guess.

Kari and Mike are led to the very last row in the very back of the church.

MIKE: Look at all that room on the groom’s side. You should have said, ‘first available.’

KARI: I don’t think it works like that.

MIKE: This church is really pink.

KARI: Um, some of the people around us may go here. Keep it down.

MIKE: Look how pink that window is! It’s so pink!

KARI: Wow, it really is. Wow.

MIKE: Hey, why is rain on your wedding day ironic?

KARI: It’s more inconvenient than anything, really. Especially for the girls, and at a church like this, where the entrance to the sanctuary is outside. It’s a hassle if it’s raining. There’s no way to keep the dresses dry.

MIKE: Unless you are a meteorologist. Then rain on your wedding day is ironic.

KARI: So you just wanted to make a joke instead of having an actual conversation, is that right?

MIKE: Yes. Hey, look, Theresa and Sally are sitting on the groom’s side. Do you think they said first available?

The wedding was very nice, the flowers were beautiful, and the ceremony was lovely. And the church was small enough that we could see just fine, and when communion was served it didn’t take an hour to serve it to everyone.

MIKE: When we go up for communion, take your purse, and we’ll go sit with Theresa and Sally.

KARI: Since we’re the last ones to take communion, I’m pretty sure someone might notice if we don’t go back to our seats.

MIKE: Take your purse!

KARI: I am not taking my purse! The ceremony is almost over!

At the reception, we had lots of fun with Theresa and Sally, talking about pharmacy school and Harry Potter and all kinds of things. Mike had very thoughtfully insisted that we bring the camera so that I could get a recent picture of me and Theresa, and I will be interested to see how they turn out. They’re either going to be super-cute or super-strange, because the sun was in our eyes.

That night we goofed off and watched some season 3 Gilmore Girls and went to bed really early. The next morning, though, I didn’t feel like myself, so we ended up not going to church and instead I worked on my scrapbook stuff and watched movies. We watched three movies on Sunday, and I finished three pages of my scrapbook. So you can see that I was a little more into the movies than the scrapbook. Of the three, two we owned and had already seen (Pieces of April and Bend it Like Beckham) and one I had gotten from the library and neither of us had seen (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

I loved Eternal Sunshine. I had expected to like it, but I really loved it. Last week I talked a bit about how, after a relationship goes bad or a situation is awkward, I paint everything in that light, and how I need to let the past be as it was instead of letting it be colored by things that happened after. And the movie made me think about that a lot, too: Their relationship had gone bad, so they both simply tried to get rid of it, but the things that happened before were so good. It’s a shame they lost those precious memories. I hope I am getting to the point where I can see the value of the things that came before some of my relationships went sour.

During Pieces of April, I had a little trouble finding some of my supplies.

KARI: Where are my scissors?

MIKE: Right there on your pants.

KARI: Oh. hee hee.

(Time passes.)

KARI: I can’t find the pictures from the 4th of July. I looked in every drawer in the card catalog and in our room and I’m not sure where else to look. Any suggestions?

MIKE: I’ll pause the movie and we’ll look for them.

(Time passes. Much searching ensues.)

KARI: Well, that’s okay. I’m sure they’ll turn up . . . Oh. Um, here they are, right on the floor with some of the other pictures.

MIKE: . . .

KARI: (rubs Mike’s leg) Sorry, baby.

MIKE: I should have known from the scissor incident that they’d be on the floor.

KARI: I’m not very good at finding things.

MIKE: Where were the scissors?

KARI: On my pants. *hangs head in shame*

We didn’t want to be cooped up in the house all day, so we made a milkshake run that turned into a DQ run when we realized we had coupons for a buy-one-get-one free blizzard. At first, though, we’d planned on going to Cookout.

MIKE: Onion rings would be good.

KARI: Mmmmmmm. Onion rings.

MIKE: I should get french fries so you won’t eat any.

KARI: That’s just wrong.

MIKE: If I ordered onion rings, I’d tell you you were getting tubby so you’d stay out of them and I could eat them all.

KARI: I’m not getting tubby!

MIKE: You make Baby Jesus cry.

KARI: But not by sitting on him!

It was a good weekend, and a fitting end to the summer. Mike started school yesterday, and so far it looks like he’s got good classes. Our schedule seems normal again. Our house is better than it was. I consider the summer seized into submission.

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