A sofa and a baby. (And a bit of grumpiness.)

Today I’m feeling especially grumpy. I had all these different ideas for topics, including “uninformed people who try to tell you what to do when you are actually the one who knows what is going on” and “people who don’t take you at your word” and “people who are super-critical.” But then I realized that last one might be a bit hypocritical. hehe. Plus, I figured no one wants to hear me complain. I’ll just keep it to myself. (Actually, I’ll probably just complain to Mike, he’ll tell me I’m being too critical, and I’ll feel chagrined.)

Last night Mike and I moved a sleeper sofa up the stairs. We now have to touch up a bit of the paint on the stairwell. Unlike last time, we didn’t take any of the door frame with us, but I did get pinned between the couch and the wall, with my ear taking the brunt of the weight. My ear is kind of sore today. It also hit me in the face, just below my eye, and I told Mike that if I got a black eye I was going to tell everyone he gave it to me. Now we have an extra place for people to sleep so that when we have a full house no one has to sleep on the couch downstairs. (Alisa, this means you.)

Mike had a milestone the other day. I would let him talk about it, but I don’t think he sees it as quite a big deal as I do. Let me set the scene: Women’s Hospital, a new mama and a newborn little boy. I didn’t used to hold newborns because I was a little afraid of them, but I have gotten much better, and he was so sweet I couldn’t resist. Mike, however, was flat-out refusing to get anywhere near the baby, which is what he usually does “until their heads aren’t so wobbly.” His words, not mine. He didn’t hold his niece or nephew until they were older, and many of our friends have tried to talk him into holding their newborns, but Mike always says no. Well, apparently they just needed to be tougher, because this new mom put the video camera on him and said she wasn’t turning it off until he held the baby. And it worked. I couldn’t believe it. There is actual video of Mike holding a baby. I am not sure if he secretly wanted to hold a baby and just needed a little encouragement, or if he was afraid that the new mom might beat him up. Or maybe it was me mocking him, “You can’t turn 30 and never have held a newborn.” Whatever it was, it was his first baby-holding experience, which means we are a tiny bit closer to having our own one day. (This is not an announcement.)

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