The worst punchline of all time.

“So he just drove all the way to New York, picked up the cheese, drove back. Nobody talked about it ever again.”

We watched the Gilmore Girls episode “Dear Emily and Richard” the other night, and besides the fact that it makes both of us feel awkward to see Luke all GQed up for Nicole, we think that the cheese story sounds like the worst story of all time. Saturday night Mike and I kept saying, “So then he had to drive to New York, get the cheese, and drive all the way back. We never spoke of it again.” Then we laughed hysterically. We did it when we were at Chili’s as we were walking past other people, and we concocted this plan in which we are at other people’s houses and when they answer their door, we’re telling the punchline and laughing like it’s a real story. I don’t know why exactly we think this is funny, but we do. hehe.

Mike is not a very good joke-teller, which I hadn’t really thought about until the other day, when he was trying to tell me a couple of jokes he heard on the radio and he kept forgetting how they went. So he tried to summarize. “Okay, so the rabbi said . . . Okay, um, well, to sum it up . . . Well, the point of the story is that . . . ” By that point I was laughing so hard that when he finally got the jokes out they were kind of a letdown. Buildup is really important in a joke.

In honor of crappy joketelling, here are my top three favorite punchlines:

3. One: he holds the bulb and the world revolves around him.
2. The brick!
1. Moooooooo!

Honorable mention: “And then I found $30.”

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