Seizing the summer: salsa edition

The summer is still being seized at our house. The latest and greatest thing we are doing has to do with our garden. And when I say “garden,” I really mean, “four tomato plants and a couple different kinds of peppers.” But let’s not get too technical. Our few plants have been such a success this summer that we are planning on having even more next year. More peppers, squash, cucumbers, and of course more tomatoes.

Our tomato plants are doing so great that we have no choice except to make lots and lots of salsa. We even have our own jalapenos with which to make the salsa! As I explained to my friend Emily a few weeks ago, I love homemade salsa so much that from time to time (okay, when we are out of chips) I eat it with a spoon. I have also been known to pour the chip crumbs into the salsa and eat that with a spoon. However, seizing the summer has meant that we learned how to make our own chips in our deep fryer, so I no longer have to resort to those desperate measures. Nothing says summer like fried food, right? And Mike and I can’t get enough of our homemade chips. They are so great. We even have a tradition where Mike pulls them out of the oil and says, “Salt those mofos!” This is especially funny if you know that I have never heard Mike utter so much as a single curse word. Even when he and Brian were trying to move a recliner up the stairs and it got stuck.

I realized a slight problem with seizing the summer; you may have noticed it, too. So far, everything we’ve done has centered around food. By September, we may have added on as much as 30 pounds. However, we will have wrestled the summer into submission, so I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.

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