A new book. (Thank goodness.)

So, after weeks and weeks of putting it off, I finally finished Confessions of a Pagan Nun. July has been a remarkably unproductive reading month for me, because I just couldn’t get through that book. It was 191 pages, and as I kept saying yesterday, I could normally finish that in a day or a day and a half, but I couldn’t ever bring myself to pick it up. Finally, last night, I plowed through the last 80 pages and went to bed. Hallelujah.

This morning I had a choice between several books I had checked out. I narrowed it down to two: The Moviegoer by Walker Percy and All This Heavenly Glory by Elizabeth Crane. I looked on the inside flap of All This Heavenly Glory and it starts: “Here are the events that make up a life: a junior-high-school fashion crisis, a best friend’s betrayal, substance abuse, recovery, finding a satisfying career, dating fiascos, the perfect relationship, the illness and slow death of a parent.” Yeah, that sounds like something I would like, doesn’t it? I decided that Walker Percy can wait a little longer. (I know his book is important and all, but I need something a little bit easier right now.)

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