Monday morning thoughts

The great flood of aught-five means that things are changing around here. We have suddenly kicked it into gear regarding our interior decorating. Saturday we went and picked out carpet and vinyl and laminate flooring and armchairs and paint. We started painting the bathroom yesterday, and we’ll be starting some of the other rooms tonight or tomorrow. I had thought this would be the summer when we got the yard into shape but it is turning into the summer of interior change instead. I love the colors we have picked out and I can’t wait to see them on the walls. And I can’t wait for our new armchairs.

Yesterday after church I walked up to our minister to asked him to email me a copy of his sermon from last week (he usually writes his sermons in manuscript form, which I appreciate because I have seen ministers be “led by the spirit” when it’s really just a tangent) and he gave me a very appropriate side hug there in the sanctuary as he asked me how I was doing. What was so interesting about it was that I remembered going to talk to him in the fall about some things I was struggling with, and I cried and cried and all he did was give me wise words and Kleenex and a hand shake. Having come from a church that suffered after the minister got caught up in an affair, I think it’s very commendable that he stayed away from physical consolation (even though I could really have used a hug) when I was so vulnerable. It speaks very highly of him.

This week we’ll be counting down not only to Harry Potter, but also to my five-year anniversary. In honor of that, this week’s posts will be about some of the boys I dated before Mike, just to give you an idea of why I’m so glad to be married to him. Apparently I don’t tell these stories very often, because my best friend hadn’t even heard them until recently. Even if you’ve heard them before, well, it will be nice for me to have them all in one place.

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