In which I talk about fun and waffles and barbeque and relationships and Oswald Chambers

I was trying to decide if this should be a blog about Birthday Weekend of Fun: So Much Fun in One Weekend Should Be Illegal or if I should talk about some of the things I have been pondering of late. But I can’t decide, so I’ll just give you one extra long entry. Indecision: More Blog for your Buck.

Between some personal issues that have been hovering on the horizon and the Great Flood of ’05 (read that as aught-five), I believe that I was due some fun. And that fun started on Friday, with morning coffee with a friend, lunch with a gang from church, afternoon coffee with one of my best friends who I never get to see, shopping with my mom (FOUR pairs of shoes) (oh, and I bought Mike a “Vote for Pedro” shirt), and guests for the weekend. That sounds like a lot of fun for one day, but the fun was really just beginning. Saturday was slightly less fun, because I had to work. But after work, there was a cookout with church folk during which many hamburgers were eaten, many books discussed, and much fun had. After the cookout, Mike, Scott, Kelly, and I headed back to the Crap Shack to do . . . something. And we ended up watching the Food Network. First Unwrapped (which was about pie!) and then Iron Chef America. I don’t think I have ever mentioned how much I love Iron Chef. I love the idea that sardines can be a garnish on ice cream. It’s like cooking with Oscar the Grouch. Anyway, I decided that about 15 minutes of Iron Chef was enough fun for one night, so I went to bed.

On Sunday, church was great, and we had lunch with friends (my random lunch was a Juice Shop smoothie and an eggroll) but the first real highlight of the day was Mike’s barbeque. He made it on the grill and it was wonderful. It was Eastern North Carolina style, which means it was a vinegar-based sauce. After eating the barbeque, we headed to Greensboro for fireworks (the second highlight of the day). We heard of a secret spot (which I will not disclose here . . . we made a pact!) and it was great! We brought cookies and brownies, and my friend Melissa brought coffee, and we sat in our chairs and snacked and took pictures and laughed at the dog who was having a coronary next to us (Good Idea: Picnic on the lawn while watching fireworks. Bad Idea: Picnic on the lawn while watching fireworks with your dog) and watched the best fireworks I have seen in a long time. When we got home, we got ready for bed and Alisa and Jason came by. I showed Alisa to her couch, we dished about the wedding, and we all got some sleep.

On Monday, which some people call Independence Day but which I prefer to call Birthday Eve, we had pancakes (but not waffles) for breakfast and sent Scott and Kelly on their way. Alisa and Mike and I got ready for our day of fun. It had a rather disconcerting beginning, with a scary (but hysterical) festival in our town that was slightly redeemed by a nice swingset. Then we took naps and hung out with Jason for the rest of the afternoon. Then it was time for the baseball game (or so we thought). Unfortunately, though, it was rain delayed. We got to hang out with good friends and yell “WAFFLES!” a lot. In fact, I was thinking last night how much fun it was that so many of my favorite people were together in one place. It was fun to have a lot of overlap with my friends this weekend: Scott and Kelly with our church friends and with Alisa, Melissa getting to meet Alisa and Susan, our church friends not asking us how we knew any of those crazy people who were yelling, “WAFFLES!” with us.

It was truly a weekend of fun. That’s not to say it wasn’t stressful, because it was. It was hard coordinating schedules and not having a floor and being so busy and not sleeping as much as I’d like. But it was still fun, and I am thankful to have such great friends. There were presents galore and much eating and celebrating. There was so much fun that it would be impossible to write it all down. I hope your weekend was that much fun.

If I were to say that I have been pondering relationships lately, you would probably roll your eyes and think, “When are you not pondering relationships?” And I would have to give you a point, because it’s true. Lately, my ponderings, both inspired by something Alisa said and by Oswald Chambers, have been focused on how fallen we all are in our relationships. How much I let people down simply because I am a sinner, and how much they let me down for the same reason. We aren’t hurting each other intentionally. We’re just fallen, and we do things wrong. It’s been helpful to remember that when people let me down, to remind myself that we’re all on equal footing, and that I probably let them down just as much as I feel they let me down. That no one says the right thing all the time.

It was interesting to me that after such a fun weekend, last night I couldn’t sleep even though I was exhausted. I found myself sitting in my closet (there’s carpet in the closet) with Oswald, reading about Isaiah and how he asked the Lord to show him his sin. And I thought about all the wrong moves I’ve made in the past couple of weeks (and over the weekend) and I prayed that God would show me where I was hurting people and where I was being too sensitive, and I prayed for the people who have hurt me, that they would grow and mature into the people he created them to be so that we can meet in the middle on some of those issues. And then I turned off the light in my closet and went right to sleep.

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