Six good things.

Here are some good things that have happened since I last blogged.

A beach day with Mike. Do you know how rare and difficult this is? Mike does not like the beach. However, our friends convinced him that it would be fun . . . actually, no, that’s wrong. We just flat-out told him we were going to the beach and he would have to suck it up. However, our friends know how to do the beach up right, and between the canopy, the grill, the wave runner, his book, his Tilley hat, and lots and lots of sunscreen, he managed to have a good time. And I like going to the beach with him. I even got him to drive the wave runner! He is, as expected, a very safe driver. Neither of us got burned, the weather was lovely, the water was a nice cool temperature, and it was definitely a day to remember. So, of course, I didn’t take any pictures. Booooo, me.

Learning to play poker. Since Texas Hold ‘Em has gotten so popular amongst our friends, I decided to bite the bullet and learn how to play. And, here’s the thing – I wasn’t awful. I wasn’t great, but I was getting the hang of it by the end. Also, when I was frustrated at the beginning, I realized that I may have grown since the Nerts incident last summer. I didn’t freak out and have a meltdown, and it’s to Scott and Kelly’s credit that they didn’t make a big deal of me being uncomfortable. I am not really ready to play with people who are going to take it seriously, but at least I know how to play.

Scrapbooking. Over the weekend, I scrapbooked with my friend Kelly. This afternoon I scrapbooked with my friends Emily and Melissa. And Friday night I will be going to Melissa’s house to scrapbook again. I am getting caught up! Yay for creativity! Also, this afternoon we watched 13 Going on 30 while scrapbooking, and we found out that I was the least popular person in the room in high school. hehe. And I’m the only one who roots for the fiancees.

Sandwiches with Sarah. Sarah was coming through town today, so we took a few hours and had lunch. I suggested that instead of buying food, that I just make us sandwiches. I felt like such a mom as I made turkey sandwiches and sliced cheese. I even brought my apple corer so I could give us perfectly sliced apples. To her credit, Sarah did not laugh at me for this. We had a nice time catching up, since we haven’t hung out since February, and we learned that I will one day be an excellent lunch-packing-mom.

Harry Potter. I am getting really excited about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Crazy excited. I am in the midst of my re-read now, and my excitement is reaching uncharted levels. Tune in July 15 to watch me bounce off walls.

Book club. My book club met yesterday to discuss Cold Sassy Tree, and it went very well (which is why I didn’t blog yesterday afternoon, if you were wondering where the heck I was). There were new people, and overall the book was received very well. Next up: Life of Pi. It will be interesting to see how it’s received, but I have high hopes for a good discussion (even if they hate it).

Mike is cooking ribs on our new grill, so I’m going to go see if he needs anything else. (I guess a new grill could be good thing number seven, but let’s just leave it at six.)

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