Monthly Archives: June 2005

Welcome to the crap hole 8

I’ve been trying to be a good sport about the flood and subsequent “disaster chic” look to our house. I have been trying to focus on the fact that I have a place to live with working air conditioning, that I have a good job, that this is only temporary, that none of our stuff […]

I am all at once courageous, I am all at once afraid 2

A couple of years ago Mike and I were in a situation where young married couples were asked to give one word to describe their relationship. The only thing I could come up with was “fun.” Mike and I do have lots of fun together. We enjoy a lot of the same entertainment like movies […]

Today’s timely Trivial Pursuit question 8

I have a Trivial Pursuit desk calendar. Here is the question for June 28. Arts and Entertainment: Who wore a toupee at his audition for Star Trek: The Next Generation, only to have Gene Roddenberry [Mike: “Who?”] say he “looked like a drapery clerk?” Come on, Mike! You know this one! hehe.

Two small halves of courage making a brave whole 1

I’m reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, and I’m mostly enjoying it, but it’s taking me a while to get through it. I’m not sure why, exactly, but something about it is slow. I’ll read and think, “I just got through a lot!” but I will look at the page numbers and realize I only […]

On Trek geeks and goldfish 6

Friday night we were hanging out with some friends and they suggested we watch a movie. There was one that three of us had seen but Mike had not seen, and he agreed to watch it with us. Now, before I talk about the movie, I have to remind you that I spent several years […]

Coldplay on Sesame Street 6

This morning on the way to church, “Shiny Happy People” came on Mike’s iPod, and just for fun we listened to “Furry Happy Monsters” after that. Mike turned to me and said, “Coldplay should go on Sesame Street.” Of course, in my opinion, their best song for Sesame Street is “Yellow.” In honor of his […]

A picture-perfect night 2

Last night Mike and I were sitting outside reading on our front porch (the weather was perfect, by the way), and we looked out at the street and saw a couple jogging, kids riding their bikes, people walking their dogs, a family taking a walk . . . Mike said, “We should get Thomas Kinkade […]

Everyone around love them, love them 2

Sometime in the past couple of years I realized that there are areas where I gloss over things, where I paint them a little shinier than they were. Nothing especially bad has happened to me, by any means, but it seems that sometimes I am not able to face up to things as they really […]

Locked Rooms 2

I’m about 1/3 of the way through Locked Rooms, and can I just say . . . wow. My coworker just ran up to me (she has the other copy) and said, “I didn’t want to come into work today! It’s her best yet! I just wanted to finish it!” I feel the same. [I […]

Yes, we should like to see a burning bush-type sign 6

The first time I heard Sixpence None the Richer, I hated them. I didn’t like her voice, and I didn’t get what their lyrics were about, and they didn’t seem to be talking about God at all, so I didn’t know why they were a Christian band. I wasn’t counting JPMs, not quite, but it […]

Photos up! 0

Jeff put up photos from our ballpark escapades. Enjoy!

Reader, I married him 9

Several months ago, Alisa and I reread Mudhouse Sabbath together and talked about it over email. These thoughts were gleaned from that discussion. At the heart of weddings–because also at the heart of marriage–is the balance between privacy and community. Marriage, to be sure, is an intimate matter, the making of a partnership that knits […]

Things I am enjoying these days 8

–Coke Zero. So, it seems like they have taken the original Coke formula and added Nutra-Sweet. This is genius. Why hasn’t this been done before? Because I love it. I’m a convert. Diet Coke is fine, but this . . . this is pure non-caloric goodness. –“Swallowed in the Sea.” I’m not a big Coldplay […]

And your best intentions may not be enough 6

Are there people in your life you ought to be able to get along with . . . but it just doesn’t work? Maybe friends of friends. You should be able to get along with friends of friends, right? And yet, there’s something missing. You’re too similar, maybe, so you rub each other the wrong […]

Four books I read on vacation 27

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. Call me cold-hearted, but I didn’t cry. I did end up enjoying it . . . I had gotten to the point where I didn’t believe that they would ever see how dangerous it was to put so much of their lives into each other, but then C.S. Lewis […]

The bringing in of guests 3

Not only am I a far cry from Dorothy Day, I am not even very good at luncheon hospitality. I want to be. I try to be. But I am too busy, my kitchen is too small, inviting people over takes too much time, my apartment is always too messy . . . Intentionality, however, […]


In order: -We had a lovely time at Chez Holland. They even got Diet Coke for Mike (the regular kind, not the Splenda-laden kind they drink, because, as I mentioned, Mike is a Diet Coke purist) and the Braves won and it was cool rainy weather and we got to wear ponchos and we looked […]

Well, the night’s busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere 4

This afternoon Mike and I are heading out for our vacation. This has been a full week – working and packing and a Grasshoppers game and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Alisa and one of my aunts. It’s been good, though – my super-organized packing has meant that this week wasn’t as stressful […]

When did my heart get so petrified? 14

All right, so, I’m reading A Severe Mercy, which came highly recommended, and I’m about halfway through. And I have to admit that, until last night/this morning, I wasn’t really digging it (but I was going to finish it, because it came so highly recommended. And I am stubborn). I read Mike some bits, and […]

Fear me and my organizational skills 11

Our impending vacation means that I’m trying to get both the house and our suitcases in order. I say suitcases because we are first going to Atlanta to see a Braves game with the Hollands, and I didn’t think we needed to take our big beach suitcase to their house. So we have things we […]