Anakin, you’re breaking my heart!

Yesterday I reached an important milestone: I realized that I am of the age where my mother doesn’t buy my lunch anymore (even though she is the one who suggested we meet for lunch). This is one of those milestones you never want to reach, but there you go. Mike was horrified in a, “Did you do something to piss her off?” kind of way. Which, I don’t think so. hehe.

Other items of interest: I went to apply for my passport yesterday. I wasn’t able to get it yet, because I missed the picture-taking people, but I’ll go back on Thursday morning and get it done. Now I can plan trips out of the country. Where should I go?

The most interesting thing that happened yesterday was that we went to see Revenge of the Sith. I thought the lightsaber duels were good, and the epic battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan lived up to my expectations, but overall it left me kind of cold. Thinking about it today, I wondered if that didn’t at least partly have to do with the fact that the way Anakin was played in Episode II meant that I never understood why Padme fell for his whiny butt. So the whole tragic love story had me shrugging my shoulders. Yoda was awesome, of course, and it was very sad to see everything fall apart (which may be the other reason it left me cold – it was pretty freakin’ sad). And I want to give George Lucas about a million thank-yous for not having as many stupid one-liners for “comedic” relief as he did in the last movie. But, you know, the only thing it did was make me want to watch the original trilogy again. I don’t feel compelled to watch this one again.

After lunch, I helped my mom pick out glasses and then met up with Mike at the theater. When I got there, he had been saving our seats and he needed a bathroom break, so I got settled in while he did that. As soon as I sat down, this kid next to me started talking. “Why do you think George Lucas put out the game that goes with this movie so early? It gave away everything!” In my “Why are you talking to me about this but I know I must be polite” voice, I said that I figured Lucas needed to raise interest in the movie since even the die-hard fans were pretty pissed off after Attack of the Clones. Little did I know that the guy would then think I was his new best friend, telling me all about his PSP and his love of Star Wars video games and so on and so forth. I couldn’t quite figure him out, because if he was a real die-hard geek fan, he would have already been to the movie (and that may have been the case – it didn’t seem like he had been yet and I certainly didn’t want to ask and engage him further), which made me think he was just a little sad, hanging out alone in a movie theater on a Friday afternoon. When Mike came back, the guy tried to engage us in further discussion, including flat-out eavesdropping on our banter about the slides they were showing before the movie and then injecting his thoughts in our discussion. It would have been funnier if it wasn’t so sad.

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