Anything but dull

Mike took a Conservation Biology class this semester, and he now brings up conservation-related facts at the drop of a hat. Species going extinct, pollution, recycling . . . yesterday I told him he was excessively dull and I put a ban on conservation facts. He said I couldn’t do that, but I’m pretty sure I can. hehe. (I took that class, so I know all that stuff already anyway!)

Our weekend, though, was anything but dull. Here are a few snapshots from our weekend:

Thursday night, Patty Griffin concert: The whole thing was amazing. The Cat’s Cradle is a great venue, and the crowd was full of fans, which is always tons of fun. My favorite moment was when she started to sing “Rain,” which she said they hadn’t been doing on this tour. During the first verse, she started concentrating on the guitar and her vocals got pretty quiet, and to buoy her up, the crowd started singing along more loudly, which made her smile. I love moments like that, where all these different kinds of people (Patty gets diverse crowds!) are singing along to the same song. I noticed on that a lot of the hardcore fans hate when people sing along, but I love it and a lot of my favorite concert moments have to do with crowd participation. It keeps music from being a solitary experience and turns it into a communal thing, and the only word I can think of for that is . . . beautiful. If I just wanted to hear the music in its most perfect form, I’d listen to the CD. Anyway, there are so many great Patty songs that of course she didn’t play them all, but we got lots of our favorites, and I enjoyed a lot of the new songs as well. Mike and I had a great time.

Friday, Kari and Alisa’s Day o’ Fun: We had coffee (twice), I admired Alisa’s new screensaver, Alisa met one of my best friends and some of my family, we took lots of pictures, and (of course) we checked out the used bookstore and Alisa found a few things. We also left a note trying to Brian’s old friend Danny to come to GravyCon the next day. (Danny lives three doors down from where I used to live, so it was a blast from the past to be leaving notes on his door. He and I used to leave random haiku back and forth.) It was a busy day, but tons of fun, and we capped it off with pictures at Greensboro’s new stadium, sitting on top of very large baseballs. (Thanks, Jason!) I was tired from the concert the night before, but the coffee helped me make it until that evening, when I crashed while watching About a Boy with Mike.

Saturday night, GravyCon: After working Saturday morning, we got together with a bunch of GravyBoarders at Chili’s. Alisa and Jason and Mike and I don’t know too much about comic books, so we talked about other things instead, like books and Gilmore Girls (apparently Brian and Marty are very put out about the length of the Gilmore Girls thread on the board, hehe) and made very unappreciated plans for GravyBoy’s mode of transportation (“Quick, to the GravyBoat!”). It was a good turnout and a fun time. I hope we can do it again soon.

Sunday morning, Davidson graduation: My brother graduated yesterday, and it was loooooong. What can you say about a graduation, really? I am proud of him for persevering, and it was good to see him now that he’s back from Connecticut. I hope we get to hang out now that he’s in the state again.

Sunday night, Survivor finale: We got together with our friends Emily and John at Emily’s sister’s house to watch last night’s finale. I said I wanted Tom or Ian to win, so of course I was pleased when Tom won, but I guess I wanted Ian to win more than I realized, because I was more than a little disappointed when he stepped down. Overall it was a good episode, and we ate waaaaay too much junk food and laughed a lot.

So, that’s it. That was our whirlwind weekend. We had a great time, even though we are both pretty tired. This week should be more relaxed, although we still have things to look forward to (Gilmore finale tomorrow night, hopefully seeing Star Wars on Friday). I could use a nap. hehe.

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