Movie magic

I read Susan’s post about sounds she loves a couple of days ago, and then when I was discussing the upcoming Star Wars movie with Brian, I realized . . . one of the sounds I love is the sound of a movie theater full of people on opening night for a movie like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, just when the movie is starting. You can hear the excitement and the anticipation and the way everyone is taking a deep breath and settling in to let the movie work its magic.

I went to a midnight showing of Attack of the Clones, but I won’t have that experience for Revenge of the Sith. We will probably go to a matinee next weekend, but George Lucas killed our faith in him with those clones, so I won’t get to experience opening night with hundreds of devoted fans like I did last time. But when the lights go down and the old-school 20th Century Fox symbol comes up on the screen, I will settle back in my seat with my popcorn, let my cynicism slide away, and hope for movie magic.

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