14 good things about this week

I have not really enjoyed this week very much. However, no one wants to read about that. Here, instead, is a list of good things from this week:

-Drinking coffee out of my new mug.

-Trying Vietnamese food for the first time. (Tasty.)

-Seeing pictures of my aunt and uncle’s trip to Ireland (this one is especially for Rhonda).

-Putting together a chair with Emily (before John got home).

Finishing three books so far this week.

-Reading on the couch with Mike while eating chips and salsa.

-Mike’s good grades (all A’s so far this semester! Only one exam left).

-Scrapbooking tonight with my friends.

-Getting lots of laundry done.

-Mopping while having a fun phone conversation.

-Frozen pizza.

Our tree not wilting (my dad says this means it should survive the trip from their house to ours).

-Getting the orders done for summer books at work.

-Eating lunch outside (this was earlier in the week, but still very nice).

I could have come up with more, I am sure, but those are just enough to remind me that this week wasn’t quite as crummy as I would like to make it sound.

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