Don’t change your plans for me

I have new plans for the evening, as In the Company of Cheerful Ladies has just been handed to me with a post-it note featuring my name. This morning I started Gaudy Night (comfort reading at its finest), but I am excited about having this new book instead. Have I ever mentioned my love of post-it notes? I don’t like to write in my books, but I do like to leave post-it notes on my favorite parts sometimes. One time I told Alisa that the swooniest thing Mike could ever do would be to read one of my favorite books and leave comments in it on post-it notes. (A la Jess . . . but I always resented him for writing in Rory’s book. Writing in books is bad.)

I brought my lunch today – just an apple and cheese, as usual – but there was a hot dog sale at one of the other branches. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t realize that was today until it was too late. So then I had to suffer through smelling everyone else’s hot dogs, and I really wanted one. I daydreamed about making a hot dog for myself tonight, or going somewhere to buy one. Well, my coworker forgot and went home for lunch, so she let me have hers when she realized her mistake. Wasn’t that nice? I didn’t even ask. She just offered. And it was very good. For the record, I didn’t used to eat hot dogs! I am growing as a person!

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