It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught

Yesterday I got a frantic phone call from my aunt, who was on the golf course in Florida. She was playing in some tournament or other, and they had been given some sort of game where they had to list all the characters in Alice in Wonderland. They weren’t allowed to look it up, but they were encouraged to be resourceful and use their brains. My aunt said, “My brain is telling me to call my niece who is a librarian.” I looked up the characters, asking important reference interview questions like, “Do you just need Alice in Wonderland, or do you also need Through the Looking Glass? Do you want Alice’s sister as well? She’s not actually in Wonderland, but she is mentioned in the story.” We managed to get all the blanks on their form filled (with some extras, even) and when I talked to her later on last night, she crowed that she was sure they were going to win.

Sure enough, I just got a phone call from her and her team was victorious (she said they didn’t do so well in the golf, however), and she saved her part of the prize for me. She said some people were asking her if she cheated, if she got on the internet with her cell phone and looked it up, and she said that she responded, “Did you think to include Through the Looking Glass? Did you remember Alice’s sister?” and that apparently shut people up.

I am undecided as to whether it’s actually cheating or if she just made good use of her resources. Either way, I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with all the characters. hehe. (And, since this is statistics month, I got to count it as a Reference transaction!)

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