A bit of library humor

I was talking with my friend Marie-Claude shortly after finishing the first draft of this book. She said, “Speaking of encyclopedias, I have to tell you this unreal but true story. You know my friend ——, right? Well, she used to work at Encyclopedia Britannica. She was working on a new edition. And I’ve actually seen this at the library, so I promise you I’m not making this up: On the spine of volume 8, it says Menage-Ottawa. That was her doing. The editors apparently never picked up on it.” I ran to the library to see for myself. -Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

There’s a little photocopy of the spine in the book, but obviously I had to check it out for myself. And it’s true! Our EB has Menage-Ottawa, too! I showed my boss, who couldn’t stop laughing, and he showed the director. Now I am going to get the reputation of a troublemaker. hehehe.

It’s too bad A.J. Jacobs didn’t know about that. I am sure he would have enjoyed that fun fact.

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