Highlights of my weekend

While not technically the weekend, Friday morning I stabbed myself in the palm of my hand with a knife as I was trying to cut an apple in half. Much hilarity ensued as Mike and I desperately tried to get it to stop bleeding. We have very nice knives. I was running cold water over it, and I said, “I can’t feel my fingers!” Mike looked extremely concerned, so I added, “Because of the cold water, not the loss of blood.” heh. (For the record, it’s much better now.)

Saturday I worked, and then we went to my parents’ house for my dad’s birthday party. Lots of my parents’ friends were there, and it was neat to see them. I told Brian yesterday, it was cool to think that a lot of those people have known me since I was born. And I literally mean, “since I was born,” because I know at least two of them were in the waiting room at the hospital when my mom was giving birth. I looked at all these people I’ve known for so long, and I realized that my parents’ relationships with them have really influenced the way that I see my own friendships. It explains a lot about why I am so neurotic about having long-time friends to walk with . . . I have seen how important it’s been for my parents, and I crave it for myself. I hope that one day I’ll be able to have a party with friends I have known for 30 years, who were there when my kids were born (even if they weren’t physically present at the hospital . . . as long as they are physically present in our lives), who have helped us through hard times and taken vacations with us and our kids all know each other (even if they aren’t particularly close, because I am definitely not close to any of those kids at this point). I want to have friends that we share life with.

Yesterday we skipped Sunday School because I had a few things I needed to talk about instead, but that was fun, too. Church was good, and an offhand remark from Mike on the way home sent me straight into CrazyCleaning!Kari mode and cleaned out two closets and our pantry. They were in disarray, but no longer! Things are much more organized now.

They say that, sometimes, when a person gets organized in the outward things, it’s because she feels that her life is out of control. I don’t know that my life is out of control, but I have been increasing my organization a lot lately. I am not the most organized person in the world – I can’t keep a clean desk, for example, but I always know where things are, and my house is usually picked up and straight even if I haven’t dusted or the floor needs to be swept. Lately, though, I have been getting more organized. I have been using my Palm Pilot more, taking notes and using the planner. And I’ve changed a lot of things about the processes here at work, which are helping things be more organized. All that to say . . . I am getting better at keeping closets organized than I used to be, partly because we have so much more closet space. That makes it a lot easier.

I goofed off most of the afternoon, got some cleaning done, that kind of thing. Mike did homework, and then we watched Desperate Housewives while I ironed. Just after DH, my friend Kelly called with a library question. She was at the UNCW library, and she couldn’t find what she needed. I got online and looked up the information in the UNCW catalog for her, hopefully pointing her in the right direction. She said that I’m like that doctor friend that everyone calls to get free advice. hehe. After I solved her problem for her, we went to bed.

It was a good weekend, if a little short.

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