Valentine’s Day through the years

On our first Valentine’s Day together, Mike and I bought a bread machine instead of doing anything fancy. We haven’t used it lately, but it was a good purchase. What says love more than warm bread, I ask you?

Our second Valentine’s Day was, I believe, when Mike cooked for me at his apartment. Steak and shrimp and salad and tasty beverages. I think I had to work that night, or I had a late class or group meeting or something, because I remember it being dark outside.

Valentine’s the third was my senior year of college, and our first married Valentine’s Day. And I had a big test that night. I didn’t even have night classes, and I still had to come in for that test. So we went to the Melting Pot on the 13th instead, and used a coupon. It was, without a doubt, the worst Melting Pot experience ever. We were in the corner, and our waitress kept coming by and seeing that our glasses weren’t filled, and she said, “I’ll send someone to fill them.” She kept saying that, thinking, I suppose, that we were just very thirsty. In actuality, our glasses went unfilled for 45 minutes. She didn’t get much of a tip. (I got an A on the test, by the way.)

Our fourth Valentine’s Day, is, unfortunately, lost to my memory. I wonder what we did. It was a Thursday night, my first year in grad school . . . it’s not ringing a bell. I hope we had fun. Oh, wait! That might be the time when Mike had to be out of town for work, so we met at Chili’s and he brought a candle. I don’t think it was, but it might have been. Maybe Mike remembers.

Our fifth Valentine’s Day was one of my favorites. I made Mike’s present, working very hard on it, and he cooked dinner, and we ate off our china and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was really nice. He loved my present, and I was proud of being so creative for once. (No, I won’t tell you what I made him.)

Last year, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for the evening and ate pizza and played skee ball until they closed. That was awesome. I won the bonus on the tickets, because I am the skee ball queen. Last year was probably the most “us” of any Valentine’s Day. We decided what we have fun doing, and we went and did that.

This year, we had planned to go out to Chili’s since we had a giftcard we could use there, but since I was sick, Mike whipped up some of his homemade pasta sauce and moved the TV into our room (I don’t normally allow TV in our room) and we had spaghetti in our pajamas while sitting on the bed watching season 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls.

As you can see, we don’t have one thing that we always do. Which is okay with me, because I am not the hugest fan of Valentine’s Day. As we ate our spaghetti, I looked over at the man I love, happy to be with him even in those not-so-romantic circumstances.

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