I hear my heart breaking into faith

When we bought our house, we had a spurt of creative energy. We painted three rooms in three days and did all our unpacking and arranging our furniture. Then, suddenly, it was all we could do to just exist. No more decorating took place until September, when we decided to hang a few things downstairs.

Now, I don’t know if it was from the holidays – being in other people’s houses, getting decorating ideas, that kind of thing – but Mike and I had a crazy day yesterday, moving furniture and hanging pictures. The downstairs looks mostly the same, but we did a lot of work in our room. We also had a big cleaning day – it seemed like we’d been out of town or really busy forever, and the house needed some TLC.

The whole weekend was nice for TLC, actually. Mike and I had some gift cards to a local shopping center that we were able to use, and it had been a while since we were able to just run errands. When you have no money, you don’t run any errands. Errands encourage money spending. It was fun to be able to shop on Saturday, even though neither of us bought very much. We got free coffee at a coffeeshop that just opened, wandered in and out of stores, and just had fun being together. The most random encounter was at the coffeeshop. They had this cake called “Explosion Cake” that had tons of stuff on the top: nuts, chocolate chips, caramel, I don’t even know all of it. But it looked amazing. I pointed it out to Mike, saying, “I want to marry that cake and have its babies.” The woman in front of us in line kind of turned around and looked at me a bit reproachfully. Then she looked at the cake and her entire expression changed into one of understanding and agreement. hehe.

Yesterday we went to a baby dedication at our old church and dropped off a ton of film. I should have some new pictures this week, which is great. After the massive picture hanging/moving furniture/cleaning afternoon, I worked on my scrapbook while we watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. Then Mike went upstairs to play Halo while I worked on another page and listened to some of the cast commentary on Return of the King.

Today I am kind of tired, but I have a feeling of great accomplishment for all the work that we got done and all the quality time we spent together over the weekend. This morning on the way to work I was listening to Sam Phillips’ A Boot and a Shoe, and I can’t tell you how much I love that album. It was my favorite new album from 2004. I probably have six different posts that I have started just based on lyrics from that album, but most of the lyrics aren’t online, so my posts never seem to come to fruition. Today I was really struck by “Hole in my Pocket.”

My life fell through a hole in my pocket
I can’t see anything, only this moment
I hear my heart breaking into faith
Pieces of soul building up a mountain moving seeds of doubt

I think that describes how I am feeling these days. I have been doing better, and “heart breaking into faith” sounds about right.

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