Monthly Archives: January 2005

I’m okay yeah okay fine okay 10

Mystery’s walking on my head again In a pattern figure eight Round a turn cross a path again and again and again Save communion for the holidays And keep perception at a safe arms length Does hallelujah wear the same old face I’m okay yeah okay fine okay What I really want is to wrap […]

The great pancake incident of 2005 14

“If forecasts of snow send you to the grocery store for milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper, add 10. If forecasts of snow cause you to reminisce about how you used to deal with snowstorms in Buffalo, subtract 10. Why it matters: If North Carolinians want to prepare for a two-week blizzard — even if […]

And I’m not God I’m a girl I confess that I don’t have sea of forgetfulness 7

I have been in a couple of situations lately where lapsed friends of mine – people who know the most about the deep dark hard things about my life but deserted me when I needed them most – are now trying to rekindle the friendship. In one situation, there was an apology of sorts, but […]

What am I, dream tramp? 9

Behold the gloriously purple box. May 3rd, baby. (We’ll start saving our pennies now.)

“Oh! yes. Pray read on.” 10

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling too hot, so I went home at lunchtime. I read a magazine and ate lunch, and then Mike came home and he put in my Pride and Prejudice DVD so I could fall asleep while he read Naked. (The book. Get your mind out of the gutter.) And sleep I did […]

A blustery day 7

Yesterday Mike and I went to Raleigh to spend some time with our friends Scott and Kelly. We had planned to meet in Raleigh because we realized that there was just no way for all of us to get together in January, and that would break our streak. So, instead of driving out to Wilmington […]

Piecing a quilt is like living life 9

The Christmas after I got married, Grandma took me into one of the back rooms at her house and said, “This is the last of Great-Grandma’s quilts, and I was saving it for the first grandchild who got married, so it’s yours now.” (My brother says that, as I am the oldest girl, I had […]

In which I am outed as a . . . well, you’ll see 12

A couple of days ago, everyone in my department had on khakis. Two people had on red shirts, the department head had on a blue shirt, and I had on a brown shirt. My boss said, “Hey, it’s like Star Trek day or something – all these solid color shirts, khaki pants!” Then he turned […]

Oh, God, it hurts so bad to love anybody down here 5

I will be the first to tell you that my life isn’t hard, especially by the world’s standards. I have always had enough to eat, and clothes to wear, and a loving family. Life, though, is hard on everyone in an emotional sense. Things happen that are sad and upsetting. People die, and they let […]

Tasty pork roast 7

Last week we bought a pork roast because I said I wanted to have pork roast, but we had no clear idea for what to do with it. This morning I googled recipes, and found one called “tasty pork roast” (which is funny if you know me, because when I talk to my friends’ babies, […]

There’s a girl in the basement coming out of her shell 10

Mike has been enjoying posting his top 50 songs list, and while I don’t have the patience to list all my songs in order, I do have around 50 songs that are my favorites of all time. So, I have decided that, from time to time I am going to post those songs in this […]

Merry on friendship 5

This week I have been kind of tired, so I haven’t made a lot of headway on The Fellowship of the Ring. Last night Mike and I were reading, and he says I fell asleep downstairs in our big chair about 9:15. (I woke up at 11:00 and he was upstairs and I started cleaning […]

Everything old is new again 7

While standing in my closet this morning desperately seeking inspiration, I suddenly remembered an old black jumper (the American version of a jumper, not the British version) I had that was tucked away in the very back of my half of our closet. I got it out, paired it with a white oxford shirt and […]

One re-read to rule them all. 4

I have started my somewhat annual re-read of The Lord of the Rings. I realized this morning as I was reading that Ian McKellan was pretty much how I’ve always pictured Gandalf, and when I read about Sam I do picture Sean Astin, but, in my mind, Frodo is older and rounder than Elijah Wood. […]

Kick the Cup 3

There are so many memories in the patchwork of my childhood. Last night I was thinking of the one summer I spent playing kick the cup (cans were apparently too dangerous) almost every evening with the other kids in the neighborhood. Not the snooty family that lived down on one end of the culdesac, but […]

A tale of three friends 3

Something happened to me yesterday that was bizarre in a funny, surreal kind of way. All I could do was sit there and think, “It’s like I’m on Seinfeld.” Well, I also thought, “Man, this would make a great blog entry.” Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that I can’t post without sounding like I’m […]

Nothing is small, nothing is unexpected 5

I have said before that I don’t have much to post when I am not reading anything. I would like to amend that statement. I don’t have much to post when I’m not reading anything I love. I have read a lot lately, but nothing that I feel really passionate about. I started The Red […]

I hear my heart breaking into faith 4

When we bought our house, we had a spurt of creative energy. We painted three rooms in three days and did all our unpacking and arranging our furniture. Then, suddenly, it was all we could do to just exist. No more decorating took place until September, when we decided to hang a few things downstairs. […]