Proof that Mike and Kari are boring

The thing that makes this Christmas so different than those in the past is that Mike and I are actually getting to see each other and spend time together. I didn’t dread Christmas this year, because it didn’t mean that Mike would have 60-hour work weeks. He doesn’t have to work every Saturday, or Friday nights, or early morning sales. This is a precious gift. Saturday night we took advantage of our newfound freedom by going to a luminary display at one of the parks in Greensboro. We were there for a little over an hour, just walking around, sharing Christmas memories from our childhood. In some ways it was quite the comedy of errors – we saw on the program that there were Christmas carolers at one gazebo, so we walked over there only to find out that they were little kids singing only in Spanish – but it was still quite fun. There was also a man playing the bagpipes and a man playing a harp and they were selling hot chocolate and cider and hot dogs. We stood there listening to the harp and smelling the cider and the hot dogs, standing close together for warmth. As we walked away, Mike said something about how out of tune the harp was, but I had been so caught up in the moment that I hadn’t really noticed. I had just been thinking about how nice it was to stand there under the stars with the candles all around and white lights on the walking bridge nearby, letting the music envelop me.

We went home and ate dinner, and I put on my pajamas so we could curl up on the couch and watch a Christmas movie. After much debate (“National Lampoon’s?” “No.” “It’s a Wonderful Life?” “No.” “Miracle on 34th Street?” “No.”), we put in A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Earlier that day, I had put our flannel sheets in to be washed. We decided to put a different set of flannel sheets on as the replacement, but they had never been used so they also had to be washed. I mentioned that I was concerned about them having enough time to get dry, but Mike assured me that he thought we had enough time. When we put the movie on, I checked the clothes that were in the dryer, but they weren’t quite dry, so I put the dryer back on. I then went downstairs, planning to listen for the dryer so I could put the sheets in later.

As I am sure you have guessed, I passed out on the couch just after Marley & Marley made their appearance, so I didn’t get the sheets in the dryer. When I woke up, the movie was over, but it was still pretty early and Mike was conked out, so I put the sheets in the dryer and came back downstairs, where I promptly fell asleep again. Unfortunately, the sheets have to be dried on low, and one cycle wasn’t quite enough. So when we woke up just after 1:00 am, we still couldn’t make our bed. So we did something we’ve never done before – we slept in the guest room bed. As we climbed in, Mike made a joke about how, since it was my bed from when I was growing up, I would probably be confused when I woke up. “Where am I? Who is this strange man in my bed?” I was worried that I would have trouble falling asleep, but apparently I only managed to take one sock off before passing out again. I woke up sometime very early Sunday morning with only one sock on. I remember taking one of them off, but it’s hard to believe I was so tired that I forgot to take the other one off.

It was just a nice Christmas-y Saturday night. Most people take that for granted, but I certainly do not. I treasured every minute of it.

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