Sweet chili and other weird foods

Over the years, I have had chili at a lot of different friends’ houses. I myself have also prepared chili for quite a few people. I have a fairly easy recipe, but I think it’s quite good (and I’m not the only one who thinks so).

If there is one thing I know about chili, it’s that chili should be spicy. My recipe, which is my mom’s recipe, is spicy. Not overly spicy, but enough to give good flavor. One thing I do not understand is sweet chili. If you make red chili, and I get a bowl of it, I expect it to be spicy. If it is not going to be spicy, it needs to have some kind of warning on it. Because chili? Is spicy. Chili peppers are hot, not sweet. And if you make sweet chili and I unknowingly get a bowl, then I am forced to finish the bowl, no matter how much I dislike it. Because my mama raised me to be polite. So, let’s sum up here: Sweet chili is wrong. Don’t make it. And, if you make it, don’t serve it to me unless you want me to be unhappy.

(How does one make sweet chili, anyway? How much sugar do you have to put in it? Bleh.)

Anyway, it’s interesting to see the different kinds of food that are “normal” for different people. I’m not talking about different cultures, just regular stuff here in America. Things that I would cook longer (or maybe not as long). Combinations I wouldn’t think of as “good” are things other people enjoy.

I imagine it would be hard if Mike and I didn’t eat the same things, or if one of us was a lot more picky than the other. We don’t eat the same vegetables (I don’t care for corn or carrots, and he doesn’t like limas or pintos), but that’s not normally a problem. We just make two different veggies and each eat what we like. I’m probably a little more picky than he is, but he also eats things like Hamburger Helper beef stroganoff mixed with A1, corn, and sour cream. It’s just gross. I had never had Hamburger Helper until I was with him. He had never tried homemade beefaroni. It’s all about the give-and-take.

If he liked sweet chili, though, we’d have a problem. A girl has to draw the line somewhere.

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