Chili’s woe

Mike and I have always considered Chili’s to be “our” restaurant. It’s our default chain restaurant for most social situations – fairly quick service, good food, good margaritas. What more could you want, really?

We have tried lots of things on the menu, but we have a pretty standard order. I get the Veggie and Smoked Cheese Quesadillas (no rice, extra beans) and Mike gets the Margarita Grilled Tuna (no beans, extra rice). Imagine our surprise when we went to Chili’s tonight and we found out that they changed their menu. The two things they took off the menu? The tuna and my quesadillas. Seriously. What are the odds that our two favorite things would be the two things they got rid of? How can this be?

There are other things we like, but it appears that we may be in the market for a new favorite chain restaurant. Any suggestions? (Do NOT say Applebees. The Applebees in Greensboro is not very good. Also, it is on the north side of town, and we live south of Greensboro. To sum up: No Applebees. No.)

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