Further signs of fall

We took a day trip to Asheville on Saturday to enjoy the signs of fall. It was nice, albeit cool, and the parkway wasn’t as crowded as I feared. We worked on my version of my top 50 songs (I have them narrowed down – now I just have to rank them) and ate country fried steak and took some pictures. All in all, a much-needed break.

Other signs of fall that have appeared in the past few days:

-The flannel sheets are on our bed. The heat’s not on, but after I froze all night on Friday night, I made an executive decision that it was time for flannel. I even got out my flannel pajamas. Sleeping has been heavenly the past two nights. The only bad part is that getting up is made even worse by the fact that the bed is so warm and the house is so cold.

-Yesterday and today I wore wool. In autumnal colors. And Mike has started wearing sweaters.

-Yesterday I made two kinds of soup – black bean soup and potato soup. I had never tried that recipe for black bean soup, but it seemed to turn out okay. I’ll fiddle with the spices the next time I try it. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a black bean soup recipe, send it my way. The potato soup was for Mike, and he requested that we add broccoli this time, which I don’t usually do. It turned out well, if I do say so myself. I make soup in the summer, but I love that I am finally free to make soup without people looking at me like, “What the freaking heck is wrong with you? It’s 95 degrees outside and you are eating soup?

-I’ve got my (contraband) heater on under my desk. Shhhhhh!

I like autumn, but I think it makes me kind of melancholy. Mike also gets more introspective in the fall. Another year on the wane.

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