Those mysterious two-dollar bills

My parents are turning my old room into an office, so they keep trying to give me things I have left there. In my mind, it’s still my room, and I think I should be allowed to leave things there. My dad disagrees. We were up there last week and he kept pointing things out, trying to get me to take them. Mike randomly picked up my old piggy bank and realized that there was some money in it. It turns out that it was all $2 bills and Susan B. Anthony coins. My dad always put those in our stockings as a special treat, and I never wanted to spend them for whatever reason. I guess I thought they were really special. Since Mike and I don’t have a lot of extra cash, I decided to get over my aversion to spending those bills and coins, and we used the money to buy some stuff at Wal-Mart for the baby shower. Mike handed the cashier the coins, and she was fine with that, but she looked at the $2 bills and said, “I have never seen this before. I will have to get someone to approve these.” It took a couple of minutes, but a manager-type person came over, looked at the bills, rolled her eyes and said, “Um, yeah, those are fine. Just put them with the bigger bills in the register.” The cashier, chastened, turned to the cashier in the next lane and said, “Have you ever seen these before?” He said he had, then he said, “What, have you never seen a $2 bill?” She looked at me and Mike and said, “Now I feel really stupid.”

We declined to comment.

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