Show your power . . .

Some providential things happened this morning.

1. This morning it seemed very bright in my room when I woke up. So I rolled over to look at the clock and realized the power was out. I gasped so loudly I woke Mike up, but when I leaned over to see his (battery-operated) alarm clock, I realized it was exactly the time I needed to wake up. Nice internal clock I’ve got going on.

2. It’s not winter, so it didn’t really matter that the power was out.

3. I did laundry last night, which included washing my favorite pair of pants. What’s so great about them? They don’t have to be ironed. So I didn’t have to iron this morning. Which was good, since, you know, no power.

4. Did I mention it’s not winter? Because that’s very important. The past few times our power has been out were after ice storms. Our apartment was 50-something degrees. This morning? No temperature problems.

5. I got ready except for drying my hair. It was about an hour before I had to be at work, so I decided to just go to work and dry my hair. As I was finishing breakfast, getting ready to walk out the door, the power came back on. I got to dry my hair at home!

6. It’s August, not January. I can’t stress this enough.

I am going to take this opportunity to tell a little cheesy story. After Hurricane Fran came through in 1997, our power was out for about 48 hours. Our church was about 45 minutes away, in Chapel Hill, and the damage was much worse there. That Sunday, a few days after Fran, we had our power back, so we happily went to church. Most everyone there was still dealing with downed power lines, but the church had lights, so we had service. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but we seriously sang these songs: “Father of Lights” and “Show Your Power.” My mom and I tried very hard not to laugh, but we failed. To this day I cannot sing those songs without cracking up. I sang them in the shower this morning. hehe.

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