The results of the Grimace research

Last night we had dinner with some friends, and there was a fascinating discussion about Grimace. You know, the big purple guy at McDonald’s. One of the guy said, you know, obviously the Fry Guys are fries and Birdie the Early Bird for breakfast food and the Chicken McNuggets represent . . . well, Chicken McNuggets. And we’ve got Mayor McCheese and the Hamburglar. But what does Grimace represent? I immediately guessed cookies, because 1. The cookies are shaped like Grimace and 2. It’s fun to yell “COOKIES!” Everyone gave me a look like, “What are you, four?” One of the guys said he thought Grimace was supposed to represent a milkshake. At the end of the evening, I was insisting that Grimace=COOKIES! so they told me to research it. I am here to present the results of my five minutes of “research.”

The consensus seems to be that Grimace represents milkshakes. Apparently, before 1975, he used to have more arms (creepy!) and he’d steal everyone’s milkshakes.

Evil Grimace

His extra arms have mysteriously disappeared (Mayor McCheese? Maybe not as nice as he appears, but the crime rate is lower, so who can complain), so now the theory is that he just represents what a milkshake free of its cup would look like. Or perhaps Grimace is what you and I would look like if we drank too many shakes. Either way, it looks like I was wrong. Grimace is not equal to COOKIES. He’s a petty thief tortured into submission by an evil dictator.

Now those are some great role models for kids.

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