The Lord’s Prayer and shaky legs

I don’t know if most people have a favorite sound. If they do, it’s probably something like birds chirping or their favorite song or their mother’s voice. I like all of those things, but one of my most favorite sounds is when a church congregation says these lines from the Lord’s Prayer:

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil . . .

Go ahead, say it out loud to get the full effect. I love the whistling sound that a congregation makes on all those “s” words. Is that weird? It makes me happy every time. I feel lucky to go to a church that says the Lord’s Prayer every week.

Today I was especially lucky, because I was the liturgist at church, so I led the Lord’s Prayer. I also had to write the prayers for the world and the offering and the prayer of praise and thanksgiving. And I led the call to worship. I have never been the liturgist before. When certain people asked me how it went, I downplayed my nervousness a bit (I admit it, I was trying to play it cool) but the truth is that I. Was. Terrified. My legs even got a bit shaky at one point. Now it is true that part of my shakiness was not sleeping well combined with too much caffeine combined with too little food, but I was definitely more nervous than the situation called for.

I don’t know why I got that way . . . I mean, I don’t love public speaking, but I was prepared. What on earth is wrong with me? It reminds me of this one time in high school when we had to present on an article and I got up in front of everyone and apparently sounded like I was going to cry. I did get an A on the assignment (probably a pity A, but an A nonetheless), but everyone kept coming up to me with big sad eyes going, “Are you okay?” I hadn’t been that nervous, really. It was just some dumb article about frogs. Today I didn’t sound nearly that bad, but it’s the same concept. I had to do a lot of presentations in college, and I like to think that I have gotten better as a public speaker. But then something like today happens and I see how wrong I am.

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