Sunshine and highways

The thermometer in my car said 64 degrees this morning when I got in. Granted, that’s in the shade, but it was only up to 72 by the time I got to work. That’s just unheard of for this time of year. And fabulous – clear and sunny and breezy. I will definitely be eating lunch outside today.

Now, I like pickup trucks as much as the next girl, but I’ve got a question about pickup-driving fellows. Some recent driving encounters have indicated to me that many of these guys assume that, since I am alone in my car, I obviously want to be with them. Both yesterday and today I had to put up with some serious road flirting from pickup-driving men. Being alone in my car does not indicate being alone in my life, for the record. Even if it did . . . does anyone ever actually get together like that? By waving and flirting on the highway? Are highways the new bars?

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