Obsessing over reality television

I have moved on somewhat from my unnamed obsession to a new shiny one. I am now learning everything I can about the first few seasons of The Amazing Race. I watched last season, and some of the Flo/Zach season, but I missed the first two, so I have been reading the recaps at TwoP. I knew I was obsessive (a bit), but doing this has caused me to realize that I like getting caught up in things. I think it’s fun when the country gets caught up in a show and everyone’s talking about it. For these “reality shows,” the best season is (unfortunately) often the first one. I wish I had been watching that first season of Survivor, so I could hate Richard Hatch and love Rudy along with the rest of the country. I didn’t watch the first Amazing Race, so I didn’t know about Loud Pushy Frank or the massive hatred for Team Guido. Reading the recaps makes me long for The Amazing Race to come out on DVD so I can see what all the fuss was about.

Maybe that’s why I allowed myself to be sucked into The Apprentice. Besides being a darn good show, it made me feel included when I could despise Omarosa along with the rest of the country. I am sure that this says something about my need for acceptance. Go ahead and analyze me.

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