It’s Monday morning. I’m allowed to be incoherent.

Yesterday I had some car trouble. I feel like I handled it pretty well overall, although I did have a few moments where I was incredibly frustrated. I had wanted to get home before Mike and fix dinner and finish some household chores. Instead, I got home an hour after him, three hours later than I expected. Like many of my friends, I struggle with feeling “good enough” as a wife when the house isn’t perfectly straight. And ours right now is still recovering from vacation, so it is definitely not perfectly straight.

Because of my car trouble, I’m driving my grandpa’s pickup truck today. I love driving pickup trucks. It makes me feel liberated. I like driving my car, too – it makes me feel cute and girly. Driving Mike’s car (he has a Saturn) makes me feel like a regular driver. Bo-ring! hehe.

This morning I was thinking – one of my secret dreams is to become so famous that I can guest star on Sesame Street and teach kids about letters and numbers. How fun would that be, to meet Kermit and Oscar and Big Bird? I need to have kids so I have a legitimate reason to watch Sesame Street. We watched it a few times last week with some of the kids. It was really just me and one of the dads watching and cracking up while the kids played.

They’re making a lot more things with Splenda now. We bought some Diet Cheerwine made with Splenda. The thing about drinks with Splenda is that they’re actually kind of weird. They are really bubbly at first, and they seem to go flat rather quickly. And the taste is a bit odd after it goes flat. Not bad, just odd. I don’t think I can finish the one on my desk.

Sorry for the randomness of this entry. It’s Monday morning, and I feel a little . . . off. Not grumpy, exactly, just a little sad for some reason. I suppose it could have something to do with all the summer’s excitement pretty much being over. And this is my first grownup summer where I actually have to work full-time, so that’s a big adjustment. I will try to be more cheerful tomorrow. 🙂

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