Teeny tiny head

Today I went and got my license renewed. I needed to get a new one anyway since we moved, but I was waiting until closer to my birthday because no one was sure if I’d have to do it twice. The whole thing was a bit of an adventure – the DMV moved without telling us. Why would they do that? They should not move without our permission. So first we were a little frustrated, driving around trying to find it. But then, we found the nice shiny new place, and I went straight to the officer with no waiting! I was in and out in less than ten minutes! (We think no one else can find the new place, either, which is why there were no lines.)

So, that was a good experience. Except, my new license picture? I was wearing a black shirt, and for some reason it looks like I have an ENORMOUS body and a teeny tiny head. It’s awful. It’s worse than awful. It did not help matters that Mike kept laughing at me every time I wrote a check for the rest of the afternoon. Not so supportive. He kept asking clerks in the stores if they often saw bad license photos, or making comments to be sure they’d check out my grotesque picture.

My last license picture wasn’t great, either. My eyes were partly closed, so I looked a little sleepy. Or stoned. Or a little tipsy. Mike says this would be a good defense if I really did drive drunk – the officer wouldn’t notice! Now the officer will just be surprised to see that my head is actually proportionate to my body.

When I went to Memphis last summer to meet up with some other .netters, we all did the “compare license and student ID pictures” that people do to break the ice. What I remember is that Trey‘s picture was very very large and in my picture, my head looked very small next to his. I can’t imagine how my new pinhead picture will look in comparison.

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