Hello, neighbor!

So, we have really nice neighbors. At least, it seems that way. But they are older than us and we don’t seem to have a lot in common with them. What are some good neighborly suggestions for ways to get to know them? They do a lot of yard work, but we are not yet at that point, so we don’t get to chat while hanging out in the yard. Should we bake for them? Is that too cliche?

Talking about neighbors makes me think of Mr. Rogers. I can’t help it. I love Mr. Rogers. They are releasing all these TV shows on DVD now; do you think Mr. Rogers will ever be on DVD? If I have kids, I would love to have a set of Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. By the way, there is some really fun Sesame Street trivia here in honor of their 35th anniversary. I played it at work one day when it was slow and I was on the reference desk. My boss came out to the desk and saw that I was on the Sesame Street site and that one of my coworkers was on the Dancing Bush site. He looked at us, started to say something, thought better of it, and went back into his cubicle. hehe. This “librarians at play” moment was brought to you by the letter K, the letter J, and the number 35.

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